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Gerimis Hati Asyikin

Date / Time: Saturday, 13 August 2016, 9.00 pm

Broadcast: Slot Cerekarama TV3

Script: Shahrizad Shafian

Director: Bahri Umararif Bajuri

Publication: Al Hidayah Productions Sdn Bhd

Actor: Ashraf Muslim, Wawa Zainal, Zarina Zainoordin, Ruzana Ibrahim, Muhammad Ammar, Noryati Taib, Shahrul Anwar, Ainin Batrisya,

Narrates the life journey of a married couple, Zamri (Ashraf Muslim) and Asyikin (Wawa Zainal) and their two young children. Living modestly, Asyikin works as a pharmacy assistant near their residential area and Zamri works as a regular clerk. The situation changed when Asyikin became pregnant for the third time which really disturbed her emotionally and mentally. He is worried about their position during the economic downturn which is not changing day by day like the morning rain eating breakfast, the afternoon rain eating dinner.

When Asyikin was six months old, Zamri had a road accident, causing him to suffer a broken leg that took time to heal. The situation became more difficult when Zamri had to take unpaid leave until he fully recovered. The situation at home became unmanageable. The pregnant Asyikin had to manage their two children and work hard to cover the cost of living for their family. Finally, Asyikin decided to give birth in her hometown as her mother was able to help manage her children while Asyikin could focus on the birth of her baby.

Just returning to the village, Asyikin meets an old school friend, Manja (Zarina Zainoordin). How happy Asyikin is because the burden on his shoulders is decreasing. Together with Manja, Asyikin was able to share the difficulties he was experiencing. Manja is wise to tie Asyikin’s heart until they are now back together. Because of the confusion in household management, Asyikin offers to Manja to take care of her baby while Asyikin gets a babysitter and manages all her difficulties as soon as she returns to Kuala Lumpur. All the decisions made by Asyikin were not shared with Zamri causing Zamri to be disappointed and their relationship became increasingly strained.

Too bad, what Manja promised was a mere lie when Manja and baby Asyikin went missing undetected. Apparently Manja was involved in a syndicate selling babies and cheating Asyikin.

This truth is known to Asyikin when he fails to contact Manja. In fact, the authorities are also trying to track down Manja and monitor the illegal activities. Until one day, unexpectedly Manja can be detected and the authorities manage to defeat Manja. Baby Asyikin and Zamri were found healthy and safe.

Asyikin is very upset with his attitude of being ungrateful to God’s provision. The earnestness of Asyikin who wants to seek the pleasure of Allah makes Asyikin complacent according to the real goal. However, the tragedy that befell Zamri and his family did not keep Zamri away from Asyikin in the slightest, instead Zamri as the head of the family accepted the test responsibly.

Once Zamri was completely healthy, he finally received a lot of compensation and that was the wisdom behind the difficulties they experienced.

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